Albuquerque real estate is a varied market of versatile neighborhoods. Ranging from the most affordable houses to the most lavish housing estates, it has something to offer to everyone. Whether you are moving in to the Albuquerque real estate market for the first time or relocating and leaving behind your old home or are simply looking with an investment point of view, the Albuquerque real estate market will not disappoint you. Sharon and Judson McCollum are the champions of the Albuquerque real estate market. Their ambition and aim is to serve all their customers with loyalty and integrity; Sharon and Judson have made a mark for themselves. With keeping their clients as their sole priority, Sharon and Judson do not fail to satisfy their customers and clients. Dealing in all neighborhoods of the Albuquerque real estate market, they are well aware of what is selling in a hot market and what is not, what price a property will acquire and what price it will not, and importantly if you are selling we will make you understand the net worth and value of your property, so as to avoid you any loss by either over estimating or under estimating its worth and value. Commitment to their clients is proof of their dedication to their clients and their profession. It is our dedication that enables our clients to attain what they wish for in the Albuquerque real estate market. Sharon and Judson will make you aware of every development as it occurs, enabling you to make the right decision.





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